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 Maybe it was just my imagination playing with my eyes. I mean, really, I had been dreaming of that exact moment for days now, to the point that I may think that it really happened. So, did it? Were you really there, standing with me? Talking with me, giving me promises of different things? I'd like to hope so. Im almost counting on it. 

I saw you heading straight for me, and couldn't get that stupid look off my face. I was amazed. I guess I hadn't seen you in a while. Two weeks did good things for you. And my memory didn't compare to what was in front of me. Good god, if you want, I could fall in love with you. Just say the word, and I'm already there. 

However, I just can't keep this one thought of you here. Just this one, no I don't think so. I need more. I think I thrive off your presence. I love it, and need it. If you want me, tell me so. Don't write me songs of pretty words, and not back them up. Don't give me the key to your heart, and not be there for me to use it.

I guess, a sign is what I want. A sign to tell me that you think about me sometimes. Not only at the designated time of day that we call our own. Maybe, a few times a day, think about me, and I'll know it. Somehow, someday, somewhere, find me. Tell me what you will, and do what you please. 

Take me by the hand, and hold me tight. Kiss me long and close. Tell me all the dreams I know you've had. I'll tell you mine. It must mean something I guess, if you dream about someone this much. Almost every night now. I can't wait to see you again sir. I can't wait for you to call me your own.

You wrote to me:
"In a world of black and white, you're the only one in color, and if you need me keep it in your heart, I'll be there always and forever." 

God, don't ever leave me.