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I should rap for Nintendo.

I'm a new kind of Zelda and you're a new kind of Link.
I'm still kinda classy, and you're still out of sync.
Zelda got kidnapped by an evil dude named Gannon.
Link caught wind of this, and went of like a cannon.

He went to the Deku Tree to ask for some help,
All he found out there, was to be himself.
Link went out, and got himself a sword,
And went through the forest, onto the Hyrule world.

He found Epona that's 'A Pony' spelt backward,
Link never once thought this odd or a little akward.
This cat named Sheik helped him along on his quest,
Only to find out it was Zelda at last.

Link traveled far and Link traveled wide,
He just wanted Zelda back at his side.
7 years later and 5 deadly sages,
Link wanted to put Gannon back in the cages.

One epic battle and one triforce later,
Only to Zelda would Link cater.


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Feb. 17th, 2011 10:59 am (UTC)
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