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 false alarm.


could this be it?!


totally awesome...

hold on there a sec...

i think my water just broke!!!!

due may 14th.

 dear Julian Noah,

i'll see you in about a month
if everything goes according to plan.
i can't wait to see the color of your eyes.

The Kitty Scurred Me.

 Only about two more months.
Then I can hold you all I want.
Because your mine, and I am yours.
Because I love you, and you love me.
I can't wait!!
I can't wait!!

btw, stop kicking mommies tummy really hard.
it hurts. =) 



i fucking love my wittle baby.
even though i can't hold him until may.

i never thought i could love something this much.
it's almost like magic.

a little, bittle, bundle.

so did i tell you?

it's a--  


only about 3 more months to go little joy. =]


spring semester is going to be great.
not awesome, just great.

into to sociology.
history of art.
child development.

i'm going for my teaching creditintals.

neat. <33

edward cullen♥

 oh yeah, and also...

twilight the movie, was amazing.
i don't care who you are.

but the books are even better. ♥♥♥

social immunity.

 okay. pregnancy is alright.
but i'm sick, so my immune system isn't working only for me,
but for me and the baby both, so i'm sicker than everyone else here. 

by the way, being sick, sucks.

but i totally love life. ♥